Install Spring Replacement on your Garage Doors – What to Keep in Mind

 Garage doors usually contain an extension spring or a torsion spring. Extension springs are mounted on the sides of the door and run along its length. Torsion springs are mounted on the top of the door. These springs need to be replaced at regular intervals due to wear and tear.

Safety First

 Torsion springs store a lot of energy; improper handling may lead to serious injury. If you are unsure about your mechanical abilities, you are advised to take professional help as it does not cost much.

Tools Required

 The spring can be replaced using a steel winding bar. However, renting a tensioning tool is advisable. You will also need adjustable wrenches, vise grips, a ladder, file, and ruler. Make sure you use the screw driver carefully.


 Close your garage door and secure it with vise grips on the door track above the rollers. A poorly secured door may fling open. Carefully slide the spring on to the torsion bar. Attach the torsion bar to the bearings and the cable drum to the torsion bar.

Reconnecting the Spring Hardware

 Bend the end cable to 90 degrees so it can slip into the slot on the cable drum. Maintain tension on the cable and turn the drum to wind the cable. Use vise grips on the torsion bar to hold the assembly steady while working on the other cable drum. Attach the spring to the bracket to complete the assembly.

Adjusting the Tension

 Most springs have reference lines to help count the number of turns while tensioning. Use the winding bar or the tensioning tool to turn the spring quarter turn at a time. The number of turns required to tension the spring depend upon the door size. Once wound the spring has to be tightened with the set screws.

Testing the Door

 Open the garage door halfway and check if all the components are working properly. Any adjustments required to the spring can be done once the door is closed and firmly secured.

Installing spring replacement on your garage doors can be accomplished without professional help. However, make sure you follow the necessary safety measures to keep accidents at bay.

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